COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Due to the Pandemic, traveling has been a state of anxiety and hesitation ever since our lives are affected.
We, as the Management, has been meticulously preparing for a New Normal opening. We hereby point out  the advantages of our Hotel Lantana to your attention  so as to comfort our guests and lessen their worries for an enjoyable and safe stay which they have been  so long looking forward to.

Features and advantages of Lantana:

Guests can reach the suits/rooms without having to pass through ANY common indoor areas as both the entrance and the reception are in the garden. There are no corridors, halls, lifts, etc indoors.
There is  NO common air conditioning system as each room has its own.
Having the advantage of being an Apart-Hotel, guests are offered an isolated stay where they can relax in their own spacious balcony /terrace, bedroom, living room  and cook in  their personal kitchenette . Nevertheless, we remind you that breakfast is an option upon request.

Safety precautions taken in our premises:

Our staff have been thoroughly trained for safety measures .
Their fever measurements are checked daily before and after their shift.
Mask, gloves to be used at the hotel are disposable.
Kitchen personnel are to use disposable masks,  face shields, gloves and aprons while preparing or  serving breakfast to your room or out in the garden which is redesigned in social distancing measures.
Tables and chairs together with the Reception area is daily disinfected.
All cutlery, plates, glasses, etc. are washed in professional machines. Upon request, guests can be provided with disposable ones.
After every check out, all rooms are carefully aired, cleaned and disinfected with special cleaners certified by Ministry of Health. The staff use disposables gloves while getting  the room ready for the new guest as well as protecting their own health.
Bed linens and towels are washed and dried at high heat.
At the entrance of Lantana and the floors hand disinfectants certified by Ministry of Health are provided for our guests. Feel free to ask for masks and gloves  if necessary.
Upon arrival to Lantana, your fever is checked and recorded under your personal data.

We, as Lantana Management,  have taken all these precautions as we feel responsible for the safety of our guests, our staff and and our environment . We also believe in following the actual  agenda of this pandemic and getting ready to take new steps that might be if necessary.